Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heart-to-Heart Pool Party

The annual Seattle Children's Heart-to-Heart group pool party was held in Bellevue this afternoon at the Samena Swim Club, and besides the horrendous traffic on the way there, we had a great time (and even the traffic wasn't so bad since it gave Mimi and I more time to chat ... right, Mimi?)!

Mia's sweet mama, Mimi and I drove (with a lot of inching on I-405 thrown in) together and met up with about 15 other heart families for BBQ, fellowship and swimming. There is something about heart kids ... for one, I think they are exceptionally cute, and for another, they are the most resilient people I know. Their moms and dads are pretty great too!

Miss Maddie, Hypoplastic Right Heart. Her mama, Katie, helped organize the party. Thank you, Katie!

Sweet Mia, Heart Transplant, peeking around her mom. This girl's constant smile belies what she has gone through!

Luke and Maddie making their way to the slides. Look at that ruffle bum!

Miss Teagan, Hypoplastic Left Heart. This girl could not be more squeezable.

Mirabel Alice, Hypoplastic Left Heart. She just came home recently from the Glenn and a diaphragm plication just like Luke. Two surgeries and home in 10 days. This girl is a fighter!

See? I wasn't kidding when I say heart kiddo's are exceptionally CUTE!

Katie and Maddie, Me and Luke (we're working on his camera smile), Susie and Teagan, Mimi and Mia


  1. OH my goodness... LOVE the pictures! I wish we could have joined you. Looks like fun.

  2. It was SO fun! So glad we got to chat some and have the kids play. I loved watching them!!! I may "borrow" a couple of pics you took from your blog for mine, unfortunately, I didn't get many of the kids! Hope that's ok :)

    Looking forward to getting together again!