Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Low sat's?

UPDATE:We talked with Dr. S. and he thought that Luke's chest x-ray was a tad bit hazier than his previous (granted, his previous was over a year ago), but isn't ready to attribute this to stopping the Lasix. We'll head back in on Friday and if his sat's are the same are higher, great, if they are again lower, Dr. S. will probably do another echo. Rog and I are prayerful and hopeful.

ORIGINAL POST:I took Luke to Dr. Stefanelli's this morning to get a quick sat check, mainly to put my mind at ease. I've caught myself several times over the past two days over-analyzing everything Luke does. He napped three hours, does that mean he's more tired? Are his lips blue after his bath? Is he breathing harder? Ugh.

His sat's were between 80 and 83, which was definitely low for where Luke has been the past year. So Dr. S. ordered a chest x-ray to rule out fluid either in his lungs or pleural space.

Nurse Jodi called around 2pm and said that she and Dr. Park gave the x-ray an "all-clear", but Dr. S. wanted to look at it as well when he returned from a satellite office. I think I am glad that his lungs are clear, especially because we just discontinued two of his diuretics and I didn't want that to have caused the issue (most kids post-Glenn aren't on any diuretics). But now I'm wondering why his sat's have dropped? It could be as simple as he's growing or he's fighting a virus that's causing his oxygen perfusion to suffer a bit.

Dr. S. wants to re-check his sat's on either Friday morning or Monday morning and see where we are. If it's a little bug, he should trend back up. Let's pray for that! I am thankful we had a thorough echo two weeks ago, so I can rest assured that this doesn't appear to be a heart function issue. I am also thankful that my concerns are never brushed off by the nurses and docs at NWCHC. So thankful for a team that is so quick to work with us!

Luke has been talking this afternoon about his x-ray experience. He says that Mama wore a "funny dress" (x-ray apron) and that he "look fish" (looked at a fish sticker to position him for the x-ray). Finally, he talks about the "cat picture" (we "took" an x-ray of a cat in his book to show him how it works). What a big, brave boy. He fussed a little when we had to hold his arms up, but overall he did just great. The Elmo sticker didn't hurt, either.


  1. The best doctor I ever had for the boys said that he always trusts a Mommy's instinct, that Moms know their children better than anyone else. He said if I was concerned, he was concerned. Sounds to me like your cardiac staff feels the same way. Good for you Jesse, on following through and trusting yourself. My advice to you is to always do that - trust yourself - no second guessing, or worrying about what others may think. You are a wonderful Mama and know your Luke best!

  2. jess-you are amazing. anytime i'm feeling down, i read some of the things you've written, and it inspires me. If you and Roger have found the strength to go through all this with Luke, certainly I can go fold another load of laundry.

    Hope he's doing better as the week goes on!

  3. So glad to hear that his chest is CLEAR! I was shocked to read that 80-83 is LOW for him... that's Owen's HIGH's post Glenn.

    We have an oximeter at home and I am a bit obsessive about checking Owen's sats.

    Hopefully Luke just has a little bug and it will go away and everything will be fine!!


  4. Hoping that it's just a little bug and that Luke's sats will be back to his usual in no time!

  5. Sending my "well-wishes" and prayers your way...our "special sweethearts" are always going to keep us on our toes, aren't they!?! Give that little guy a hug from us and take care. I'm thinking of ya and let us know how Friday goes!

  6. Yuck, too much worry.... :(

    I hope all is well and it is just a little bug or something. Prayers being sent your way! xoxo