Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow days!

Not sure how 1/2" of snow qualifies the title "Winter Storm 2008" on the news, but nonetheless, we enjoyed that 1/2"!

Since it doesn't snow too often in western Washington, Luke's snow outfit is anything but "official", but too cute not to share:

What you can't see are his footed jammies underneath his coats with his sweatpants over the top.

Thomas the Train rain boots, hee hee.


  1. Too cute! I always check your blog Jesse but just realized I never leave a comment. oops! Luke looks so cute all the time :) We have a blog at if you ever want to check it out. Also, can I get your address for Christmas cards? You can email it to me when you get a chance. Thanks girl! :)

  2. This is Jorden Whittington. Tammy showed me your blog and when I saw these pictures I just had to write and tell you how sweet Luke is. Love the snow outfit!!!

  3. Looks like you're enjoying the snow! I love the Thomas boots..too cute!