Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's that SMELL?!

When I ordered Luke's Halloween costume, Roger was not loving the idea. "Really hon? I don't think I want my son to be a skunk for Halloween. Skunk's stink!" And then the Old Navy package arrived. "Let's just try the costume on Luke and if we really don't like it, I'll send it back." Once the hood was up and the belly was velcroed in place, there was no question we were keeping the little stinker outfit! See for yourself the cutest little skunk in town:

Lukey Le Pew

Me? A little stinker?

Mmmm...Hot dogs


Mmmmm...Candy. We've been assured by Dr. Stefanelli that Luke's coronary arteries are not impacted by his congenital heart defect. Good thing! =)

The night before Halloween, I took Luke to the YMCA's Harvest Festival, where the highlight for him was not the bouncy blow-up bus (although fun) or the hot dog and cupcake (which was yummy) but the little boy in an Elmo costume he followed around the field. Every day since, Luke tells me, "Saw Elmo! Big Elmo!"

On Halloween night, our plan was to Trick-or-Treat around downtown Puyallup. It was a bit more crowded than Rog and I anticipated and then there was the man in the hairy gorilla costume who thought it would be funny to roar right in Luke's face. I have never seen such a horrified reaction on a toddler's face. He turned away so fast he fell flat on his face. I know the man felt terrible, but it was pretty awful and the mama bear in me wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Instead, I picked up Luke and tried to distract him with a bag of M&M's. After that, he was not very excited about trick-or-treating, so we headed back to our safe, gorilla-less neighborhood and prayed that Luke wouldn't be up all night with nightmares!

We are thankful the next two holidays are also gorilla-less and instead of trying to avoid scary ghosts and goblins, we will get to point out the symbols of thankfulness and our Lord's birth!


  1. Those are GREAT pictures! He's the cutest little skunk I've ever seen!

  2. I've never seen a skunk costume! I love it--the cutest stinker I've ever seen!!

  3. Hey Jes-
    Love your lil stinker! We had a lil stinker too. I loved the costume and it fit the attitude we are working through right now. Terrible twos are arriving early at our house- you?

  4. TOO CUTE! He's certainly a cute littler stinker, that's for sure! :)

  5. That is the cutest skunk we have ever seen!!!
    Kevin,Steph, Konner & Kaleb