Monday, May 7, 2012


There's been some serious clicking in the Smith household recently.

At the park, give Mr. Luke a push and he can actually keep himself going on the swing by pumping his legs. He had been practicing the motion for a while, but just the other day that motion actually clicked to cause momentum!


It could very well be coincidence, but it's been two weeks since Laney's ear tube surgery and since then, she is pulling up to a stand on everything (it had just happened in her crib a couple of times) and has also begun cruising, holding on to our coffee table or couch. Our ENT did mention persistent fluid in the ears can cause equilibrium issues, which makes me wonder if that did affect Laney more than we realized. Whether that has anything to do with this explosion of motor skills or not, it is so exciting to see Laney's mind and body click.


Yes, pumping a swing is an important life skill, but even more so is his newfound ability to READ! Our little man is officially reading beginner books and sounding out the world around him. This progression has been amazing to watch and to see this click for him is a joy to me and Roger. There is rarely a day when he won't pull his box of books out and "read" to himself for 20 minutes or more. And now, he loves to pull out his BOB books or simple Dr. Seuss books and actually read them out loud, occasionally calling out, "What does this spell?" So, so hope he never loses his love of books.

I do believe this little graduate is ready for the big K!


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