Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big weekend, big week

Mother's Day, a trip across the state, my half-brother's college graduation and a visit with the in-laws. And that was just the weekend! This week brings Laney's birthday (not possible), her party on Sunday, two t-ball games, and our last cardiologist appointment with Dr. Stefanelli.


We headed east after Luke's "Mother's Tea" program at his school Friday morning. After singing their hearts out, each preschooler got to say into the microphone why they love their mom. "I love my mom because she picks me up from school, she reads to me, and she takes me fun places."

I love you too, sweet boy.

The drive to Roger's parent's house is about five hours. I wasn't worried about Luke, since he is in heaven with his own headphones and DVD player.

I had no idea what to expect from Laney, but she was pretty unbelievable. She took two hour long naps and the rest of the time she just cuddled her blanket, watched brother, or snacked. Too bad once we got out of the car she was a wreck the next two days. Our best guess is that she was working on her one-year molars because she was a mess. She'd be fine playing and then just melt. I'm not sure if part of teething is tiredness, or if this was just blessing from God, but the girl slept great on our trip.

We got to play at Grandma and Grandpa's Friday night and Saturday and too soon we had to leave to head into town to meet up with my family, who were in town for my half-brother's college graduation.

Left to right: My brother-in-law Coleman, my sister Jenny (preggers with my I-can't-wait-to-meet-him nephew), my stepmom Cindy, Roger and Luke sitting on Spike, the graduate Willie, me, grumpy-pants in the stroller, and my half-sister Andee

We are so proud of you, Willie! I just wish we could have gotten a picture of Luke and Willie together, both in their caps and gowns.

We headed back over the pass after the graduation ceremony on Sunday, and again the kids were phenomenal in the car. Lots of movies and rounds of the alphabet game to pass the time. Even after a great trip, there is something so sweet about getting home. Laney, I think, was especially glad to be home. She is back to her old self again. Just in time for her big birthday this week.

This came in the mail yesterday from Auntie Jen. RIDICULOUS!

Her official party isn't until Sunday, but the party prep is happening!

Finally, in this week of bigness, please say a prayer for Luke's cardiology appointment. It's our last one with Dr. Stefanelli before he moves to Hawaii, and we are still uncertain with who we will see in his place. Prayers for discernment and peace as we transition to a new doctor would be greatly appreciated. Also, of course prayers for Luke's heart health, that everything would be stable and there would be no need for intervention right now. THANK YOU!

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