Sunday, May 15, 2011

Confusing contractions!

Before I had Luke, I would never have guessed that "going into labor" was not a black and white, clear-cut process. We've all seen the movies with the woman's water breaking in the middle of the restaurant, or the woman doubled over with contractions, racing in a taxi to the hospital.

With Luke, I had Braxton-Hicks contractions from about 37 weeks on, so on the night I did go into labor, the only way I could figure out if this was the real deal was to take a shower at 3am to see if the contractions went away. They didn't. It also helped that my water broke around 5am, giving me confidence that this boy was actually ready to come.

Last night, after an afternoon of just feeling "off", I began contracting every 6-9 minutes for almost 3 hours. My family was on stand-by, our bags were packed, I even jumped in the shower to shave my legs. But, as you can see, there are no pictures of a brand-new baby girl! Around 11:30, the contractions slowly started spacing back out and Rog and I were able to fall asleep.

I wish they would show these types of scenarios in the movies!

My contractions are noticeably stronger today, still, but I'm assuming that can go on for a while?? Just another example of God teaching our family to rely on His timing and not our own!

This morning, we told Luke that we thought Laney might come last night, but she must have just been teasing us. He thought that was pretty funny that she tricked us and said, "Yeah! Laney said, (in his Laney voice) 'Okay, I'm ready to come out now ... No I'm not!'"

Your timing Lord, but today would be a pretty great day to have a baby!


  1. Oh can't wait for her arrival!! Thank you for explaining this process for you...both with Luke and Laney...I will now get the movie scenarios out of my head! Also, if Laney really tricks you for like a whole day more, I want a list of what is in your packed bags!! :) Just a curious new momma over here...!

  2. I told God it would be a great day too! Well, Bri, for the grandparents: clothes are ready as are laptop and charger, cell phone and charger, camera with extra batteries and the cord to plug it into the computer to send pics, water bottles and a book (you never know!) You can give this list to your mom (tee-hee)

  3. good luck Jesse!! You're going to do great!!

  4. I feel like I am reading me experience with Trent. Same thing happened to me. I would have contractions growing closer together for 5 or 6 hours and then nothing. Only to happen again 12 hours later or so. My guess is she will come in next day or two. Congrats!!! And hang in there. I remember once the contractions didn't stop I felt like I had already been in labor for a week, since I kind of had.