Monday, April 6, 2009

We cry homey

It is a beautiful day here in western Washington, so Luke and I headed to a nearby park to play (in our shorts and t-shirts, I add giddily). Luke was drawn to a little boy and his dad playing baseball, so we watched for a few minutes until his two-year-old mind moved on to follow a boy on a scooter.

In those moments, I felt myself going down the road of worry that Luke may not be able to enjoy sports the way this boy at the park could. His dad was talking to another man and said, "You should see him hit a golf ball!" It wasn't boastful, just normal parental pride.

I've thought a lot about why it causes me sadness to think about Luke being limited in sports. I think it boils down to the fact that I don't want Luke to face any limitations he doesn't place on himself. This feels like he's got two strikes against him even before he gets up to bat. (Baseball at the park, opening day of Mariners' season ... my baseball analogy couldn't be helped!)

It's funny. A majority of the time, I am able to reconcile this possible limitation with the fact that Luke is here and healthy and happy. But there are those moments ...

So what did God do?

As we were driving home from the park, Luke asked for a particular song on my iPod by Jimmy Needham. The song title is "Regardless" but the chorus includes a line that says, "We cry holy, we cry holy."

From the backseat I hear, "Play music. We cry homey!"

Instantly my pity party dissolved. Here I have this son who wants to listen to praise music, who makes me laugh, who refocuses my thoughts away from myself and onto the Goodness of God.

And we cried "homey" all the way home.


  1. I think of the "whys" all the time. Then Mr. Owen SMILES at me and shows that he is happy! They don't realize their limitations and I have a feeling nothing is going to slow these boys down!

  2. And I got to have Luke after the "homey" song and he pulled the wagon up and down the road, watered the whole yard with the hose, played cars, hit the baseball off the T, played a game with me jumping on and off the chair and...limitations? Can't see any : ) What a fun day!

  3. Luke is SO DANG CUTE!!! I loved reading this and I'm with you all of the way with the worry on the physical limitations...thanks for sharing your feelings, it reassures me that I'm not alone with these thoughts on Maddie and your wonderful advice makes it easier for me to "let go" of these thoughts. Aren't these babies so good at reminding us to enjoy the HERE and NOW! Gentle through his "homey" song. Jesse, that's so darling. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks :)

  4. I love getting these special reminders from God. What a sweet story. And what a sweet boy!

    I think about it a lot, too. I don't want Elijah to have strikes against him before he even begins. I hate the thought of it, actually. So, the reminders are good. My boy is HERE and WELL and I love him to pieces!

    Have a good day! xo

  5. Sweet little guy you have there! God Bless you and your family.
    Roberta Davis

  6. Luke is adorable, thanks for sharing the sweet story! We weren't in Seattle wed. for cardio-they actually have a children's tri-cities clinic that we go to here in town! They fly in our cardiologist and an echo tech every wed. to see the kiddos- we're spoiled! But we will be in Seattle on April 22nd-23rd for an eye appt. for Teag. Maddie's cath is the 22nd so we'll probably hang out around the hospital with those guys but it would be great to see you! Hopefully we can make something work!

  7. Wus up HOMEY...

    I called you this morning- No ANSA. We will have to get together next week some time when it is sunny!!

    Luke is just cute...end of story!

    Talk soon