Monday, September 1, 2008

Hair's to a big boy!

We took Luke to get his first hair cut today thinking, "What are we thinking? Sharp scissors near a squirmy boy's HEAD?!" Luke, on the other hand, was thinking, "Sure I'll still for you when you give me a pink lemonade sucker." Smart boy! He really did so well, only crying when the lady accidently poked him with the scissors that she deemed "as sharp as a razor". Good thing we've been through two open-heart surgeries or we might have been a bit upset! No, Lisa did a great job and Luke was actually kind of fascinated by the whole process and thought sitting in a police car was pretty great. Not to mention the sucker he got =).

We wanted to post a couple of pictures of our handsome boy (who really no longer looks like a baby):


  1. I love his new haircut! I felt the same way when getting my boys' 1st's like they're all grown up immediately after they get out of the chair! Always brings tears to my eyes!!! Glad he liked the zoo too, looks like you're enjoying the end of summer! Very fun :)


  2. So so cute! Thanks for posting on the blog.. it is always fun to meet other heart mommies. Yes, we live in Puyallup- fair here we come!

    Don't you love Dr. S? My kids call him Dr. Steph n Ellie. We have met Dr. Cohen, but we haven't had the privileged of being in the OR yet. Still waiting!! ARRGGGHHHH. I am so ready to leave the CICU- hopefully it will happen soon.

    Luke is such a cute kiddo- heart babies make for super cute kids!