Saturday, September 20, 2008

You can do it at a trot ...

Do Did the Puyallup (6 times)

Yes, it's true, Luke takes after his Daddy ... he LOVES the Puyallup Fair, or the "paaaark" as he calls it. If I had to rank his favorite parts of the fair, the list would look like this:
  1. ChooChoo train ride
  2. The cows
  3. Scones (which, in case you're wondering, is #1 on mama's list)
  4. His Veggie Tales "Silly Songs" CD we bought him
  5. Other food items (corn on the cob, chicken strips, elephants ears, etc.)
If you were a casual bystander, you may not guess that Luke loved the rides in Sillyville — we as his parents weren't even sure the first time around — until you saw his tears when the ride was over. He is such a crack-up! You can tell in the pictures below how serious he is within a new experience, taking it all in before deciding if he's having fun or not. Enjoy!

The nice ticket-taker let mom go on the helicopters with Luke.


Rog said when looking at this picture:
"Nice, Jes, the yellow "Dip" sign
is right above my head."

We promise he is having fun!

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  1. Can You believe that I have been there too!!!! Hurray for the fair... I lived in Lakewood, Stelicom area...Know it?