Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marv the Milkman

Children's Hospital has a current campaign that hopes to support three core areas: Facilities, Uncompensated Care and Research. One way to get involved in this campaign is to share your personal experiences with Children's. The goal is to create a historical archive that honors Children's work for the past 100 years.

Anyway, I was submitting our story and came across the story of one of our favorite people at Children's. Marv the Milkman made our day when we saw him pass our room with his cow apron and hat. He exemplifies why Children's is so wonderful and child-friendly. Click here to read his story ...


  1. I came upon your blog through the Gledhill's website (Gracie). You had left a comment and mentioned Seattle Children's so it caught my eye. We are also a Seattle Children's family, our daughter being born 3/13/08 with a complex CHD as well. Luke is so precious and your story was so nice to read. It's comforting finding other families who are going through this as well- we're also on the Fontan track...check us out on our blog and maybe we can get in touch! (We live in Eastern Washington...Royal City.)
    Take care and God Bless,
    Katie Allred

  2. Doing a search on Marv the Milkman and came across your blog. Marv is a new member of our family and I wanted to share with you this article: