Friday, June 7, 2013

Hula-dancing graduate

Luke is only a kindergartner for 7 more days. As of June 18, he will officially be a first-grader, going to school full day.

If only he weren't such a sad kindergartener...

Don't get me wrong, he has had his share of tears this year, and his share of worries, especially at morning drop off. Watching him today, I cried my own tears. Tears of pride and gratitude at how far he's come ... not just this school year, but in his six short years. From a tiny baby who's heart could not sustain life to this vibrant, flourishing, graduating six-year-old.

My husband came to the graduation program this morning and texted me this afterward:

"I really love you! Sometimes the emotions are so huge I just can't breathe. What a miracle we have!"

Perfectly said. And exactly what I was feeling as I watched him hula and sing and be goofy with his friends.

Your faithfulness, O Lord, overwhelms me today. You have carried Luke thus far, loving him even more than we do, and we trust that You will carry him today on.

You wear your name well, Luke. You are a bringer of light into our lives.

You will rock first grade.

We love you.

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