Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cardiology tomorrow

Luke's sitting next to me on our home computer, playing on disneyjunior.com. A friend from school just left a few minutes ago. As "normal" as this moment is, tomorrow morning he is missing school for a not-so-normal appointment.

It's that time again ... for all you faithful pray-ers to say another prayer and think another good thought for our boy's heart. Tomorrow will be our second appointment with Dr. Kim and we are anxious (trying hard to not to be too much so) to hear his thoughts on Luke's heart function.

Because Luke's cardiologist has taken the approach of putting off his Fontan until Luke's body lets us know it's time to schedule the surgery, each appointment feels like a huge one. Will we have "the talk"? As sad as we've been to lose our cardiologist, I am also seeing the positive of having another really smart man look at my son's heart. Two heads being better and all ...

My gut is that he won't push for surgery this summer, but the weight of that possibility is heavy. Luke has grown several inches this year, and I can tell his fingers don't pink up as quick as they used to. I'm hopeful his sats are still mid-80's and there is no talk of surgery, but only God knows.

Please pray for Luke and Dr. Kim. That as a team, we will make the best decision for Luke. If I had my way, I would keep him as far away from Children's as possible, forever and ever. But if Luke's body needs this surgery and it helps him feel even a little better, then I know that's what we need to do.

As Luke plays computer, his heart is worry-free about tomorrow. He has checked and double-checked with me that the appointment tomorrow involves no needles, so he is cool. I love that. It's kind of like that with God: As we, Luke's parents, bear the burden of his appointment tomorrow, God, our Father, longs to bear our burden for us, if we'll only let Him.

Thank you for your prayers!

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