Friday, April 20, 2012

"Petite plumbing"

It's not a missing ventricle, but it's Laney's diagnosis. It has been confirmed that she has "petite plumbing" in her ears, causing her to be prone to ear infections and persistent fluid. That fluid build-up can affect hearing, speech and balance so her ENT wants to move forward with tubes. On Monday.

I was hopeful now that we're through cold and flu season she would have enough time to outgrow her "petite plumbing", but this doc felt like we were a good 12-18 months away from her eustachian tube being an adequate size. So that would most likely mean another 6-8 ear infections. No thank you. Where do I sign?

We just got a call from the hospital and Laney's surgery is at 10am, so we'll check in at 8am. Regular drill, nothing to eat after 4am. We are going to have one tired, cranky girl by 10am.

I know it's a minor surgery, but if you would please say a prayer for safety for our Laney-bug, that would be so appreciated!

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