Monday, November 14, 2011

It's That Time Again

The last time we had Luke's heart checked Laney was happily swimming in my tummy. Now she is almost six months old and it is time to have Luke's beautiful ticker looked at again. We would, as always, love prayer for a good report from Dr. Stefanelli. As we get closer to the Fontan, each appointment feels weightier than the last. Please pray for wisdom for Dr. Stefanelli as he plans for this next surgery. And a prayer for Luke's cooperation is always welcome! These are long appointments for a little guy.

Laney-bug will spend some quality time with Nonna while we're at the appointment, but she could use a prayer or two as well. She has such a nasty cold. We took her in on Saturday to make sure her ears weren't infected (they weren't) but she is still so congested, making it hard for her to sleep. Thankfully she's still eating well (I'm telling you, there isn't much that stands in the way of this girl and her food!), but the girl is producing some serious snot. Poor thing.

Luke also had this cold and cough, but just started Azithromycin and is definitely on the mend. Can I just say out loud that I hate cold and flu season?

I will be sure to post after our appointment tomorrow morning. Thank you all!

Please note that Luke is wearing his Christmas pajama pants and his shark slippers. Oh, the kid ...


  1. We will be praying that all goes well! I'm anxious to hear about the upcoming plans for Luke's Fontan. Teagan is supposed to have her 3rd surgery this coming summer too, but she is still so small (29.5 lbs)at 3 1/2, so we're at the 'wait and see' stage.. Hopefully Laney is feeling better soon!

  2. Definitely will be praying for you and your precious boy!

  3. Thinking about you with Luke's appointment tomorrow! I'll be anxious to hear how he does and thoughts on the Fontan timing. We have Gracie's cardiology appointment the week after Thanksgiving. This will be our first "binky" free appointment for the echo, so I have my fingers crossed all goes well ;).