Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-K, baby!

First day smiles!
He really didn't want me to take his picture, but too bad, buster!

I just dropped Luke off for his second day of Pre-K. Most of the morning is excitement, excitement, but right as we are getting into the car, nervousness edges out excitement. But then Miss Brenda rounds the corner to take her class back to the room and love wins out over both nervousness AND excitement. Luke's face is pure joy when he sees his teacher. I picture the slow-motion scenes in movies when she comes into Luke's view, where the angels sing and a halo of light surrounds Miss Brenda. His first love, perhaps?

When we told Luke he got to have Miss Brenda again for a teacher this year, he couldn't stop jumping. "Really? I really get Miss Brenda? You're not teasing me? Really?" It was pretty darn cute. I was secretly glad he got our beloved teacher again as well, since it has made the start of the year not nearly so nerve-wracking for me.

Luke goes to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9-11:30am. After I drop him off, Laney and I hit the gym, or Starbucks, or both and get some quiet time at home together. The poor girl never gets peace and quiet at home with a 4 year old brother.

My baby boy is growing up. Next year he'll start kindergarten and then in a blink of an eye, perhaps he'll follow his Auntie Andee to UCLA? He looks good in blue and yellow, don't you think?

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