Monday, July 11, 2011

Miracle worker

We've only had it three days, but it appears that this swing is a game-changing miracle — and the best $129 we ever spent:

Do you see how peacefully she's sleeping? Outside of someone's arms and the front pack? This little one is a finicky sleeper, but I have been able to lay her in this swing (awake!) and she falls asleep! On her own! (Can you tell I'm a tad bit excited?)

Laney sleeps awesome in her bassinet at night, but she has had a hard time sleeping there during the day for any extended period of time. It's usually 30-45 minutes max and then she's up, and wanting up.

Thank you, Fisher-Price! And thanks to my friend Pam who suggested we try a side-to-side swing. Luke's old front-to-back swing will be promptly going on Craig's List.

Speaking of sleeping babes, Laney Jennifer has slept a six hour stretch two nights in a row. I love this girl! (Unconditionally of course ... )


  1. Oh how I LOVE the pic of her sleeping in her swing. Sooooo precious! Just makes me want to reach through the computer to pick her up! She's a dolly!

  2. Jesse, Laney's eyes just pop! Love them. How did you manage to get blue-eyed and brown-eyed kids? I thought brown genes always won! :-)

    Glad the new swing works out. We never had one of those, but it makes sense that they would be more like what they experienced in womb or with holding.

    Looks like Natalie is on the same path as Luke now. Just wait...forever...for the Fontan. I'm not complaining as long as she feels good. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. She is so beautiful!!! What a precious baby, sure makes me excited for ours to get here :) Let me know the details on this swing, like the name? I am in search for a new one with #4, time to re-invest...the old one isn't going to make it through this babe.

  4. She's gorgeous! That's a cool swing - one of them new-fangled inventions, I guess. For the record, Riley was a non-sleeper. He did not sleep through the night till he was five and his daytime naps were 20 minutes top. I was sleep deprived for years! I bet he's sleep well now that he's at boot camp!