Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Brother and Binky Boot Camp

For you heart mamas, his blue tongue is due to a blue Airhead!

As you can see, Luke seems to be adjusting pretty well to this new little person living in our house! Yes, he gets frustrated some moments, gets impatient others, gives me some seriously sassy looks, and cannot for the life of him stay quiet for very long, but then ... then I catch him this morning by Laney's bassinet, patting her back and turning on her music because she was crying. He got to her first. He loves to give her baths and thinks it's ridiculously funny when she toots (however, NOT funny when she spits up — and a spitter she is — this actually gets his gag reflex going).

One blessed mama

I couldn't be prouder of him, how he's handled this transition. Where I feared regression, he has become more independent. Where I feared jealously, he has grown to really care about his sister. To be honest, he has handled the splitting of my time better than I have! I had several days I couldn't hold back the tears because I missed some of our Mom-and-Luke "routines". Rog had to remind me (gently!) that Luke was doing okay, that he wasn't thinking about the shift nearly as much as I was. That it is natural, good even, for Luke to separate from me a bit.

As for little miss, we have enrolled her in binky boot camp. She has not shown any interest in the binky, but we have seen much improvement the last two days after beginning this intensive program. In fact, I would venture to say that she's beginning to like that little plastic thing! This has made car rides so much better and it is nice to have another soothing tool in the toolbox. She still has some work to do, as it falls out a lot, but we have been assured of positive results if we stick to the program =)

Now we just need to find a program that teaches babies to stay asleep when transferred from arms to bassinet!


  1. Cute update!! It is always hardest on the mom's, in my opinion, when adding a new child to the mix because you always have that mommy guilt. It gets better though as you are already starting to figure out. Cute pic of Luke with his baby sis!!

  2. Your posts are always so fun to read. Laney is getting so big! Wow! Hoping the binky is working out for you. You're right on you having more "withdrawls" than Luke...I remember feeling that same guilt when Cade was born. And like you said, having baby sister is giving Luke the opportunity to mature in ways that he has never known before. It's such a great thing!

    Miss you--let's talk soon :)