Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gone Fishin'

After three doses of Amoxicillin, our little man was feeling up to his planned fishing adventure today. The 7th Annual Kids Fishing Derby would see in attendance Luke, Papa Bill and Nana Tutu. This trio has never been fishing before ... Should we chalk it up to beginner's luck, or undiscovered skill?

Luke managed to haul in a 6 pound 13 ounce trout to take home, along with a "Big Fish Award" trophy!

Rog would tell you Luke and Papa's success was due undoubtedly to the intense casting and reeling practice (see how I throw those words around like I know what I'm talking about?) held this morning in our driveway before the Derby.

Whatever the reason for the big catch, it was a great day with minimal coughing!

Papa Bill showing Luke how real fishermen do it. My dad is such a pro, in fact, that you can see the tackle box is actually Luke's plastic toolbox.
Love the tongue action

A nice man helped my dad and Luke net the fish so it wouldn't be the one to "get away".

The pride (on both of their faces!)

My stepmom said Luke didn't let go of his catch in the garbage bag the rest of the event. He even dragged it all the way back to the car.

That is one big fish! We told him that's about how big sister is going to be when she is born!


  1. Oh WOW!!! What a great day! I love those pictures. So fun. Strong work Luke!!

  2. What A handsome grandfather, and so young!

  3. How cute!! Looks like Luke is becoming quite the professional fisherman!