Friday, March 25, 2011

Change of topic

I was going to post about Luke's seemingly never-ending cough that likes to roar its head when our heads hit the pillows and how 12 days of not-great sleep does not make for a happy mom or dad.

Then Luke and I were in the car this morning and the perfect opportunity arose to teach him (um, maybe more like me!) a lesson about gratitude.

On our way to the gas station this morning, there were two or three things he whined about in a row. First it was the sun in his eyes, then it was a car he dropped that I couldn't reach, then I think there was a third but maybe I've blocked that one. Anyway, I took a moment while the gas was filling our car to tell my son that we have a choice. To focus on the things that are bothering us or to focus on all the good things we have to be thankful for. And when we focus on the bad, we all know what happens ... we get whiny! So we listed a few blessings (the sun is out! our favorite song is on the radio! we're heading to a friend's house! our neighbors have baby chicks!) and I prayed that this lesson would really sink in for Luke. I have a sneaking suspicion the lesson was for me just as much as for him.

I have been thinking so much lately of a fellow heart mom and her daughter, Carla. Carla (HLHS) is one year post-Fontan and currently battling Plastic Bronchitis. The only solution at this point is a new heart. I knew a little about Plastic Bronchitis because our first heart friend, Maddie, battled it as well soon after her Fontan. It is not a pretty condition. So Jen, Carla's mom, sits at the hospital day after day, praying that Carla will be well enough to accept a donor heart. While she is sitting there, begging God for her daughter's life, I find myself whining about this persistent cough of Luke's and how it's affecting my sleep. So, in honor of Carla, I will choose today to live with my eyes open to God's hand of goodness and the blessings I so often miss.

I can't say the same for my 4-year-old, but that won't stop me from drilling it in his sweet head!

(None of the above means I don't take Luke's coughs and colds seriously ... we even popped in to our cardiologist's on Wednesday to let him listen to Luke's lungs to make sure it was still just an upper respiratory virus. It is and we are very thankful for clear lungs!)


  1. I just had one of those "revelations" today too. I am also grateful for the health that my children have had. God is good.

  2. Jesse,
    I've been listening to the first few minutes of this TED lecture just about daily. It really speaks to me! Change the "daughter" to son, and listen to it - it's got such a good message.

  3. I just love you Jesse... like you, my heart breaks for Jen and sweet Carla. It is agonizing for us to read along, I can't imagine what it's like to really live it. Of course, we all can put ourselves in her shoes and the "what if's" frequently pop into my head. But you are so right, focusing on what we're grateful for is much healthier for us all. I've been so impressed with Jen and her updates, she is very positive, though her heart and spirits must be shattered right now. We're praying with them too.

    Excited for you and the new life that is about to join your family! My little brother and his wife just had their baby boy on babies bring such joy!

    Give Lukie a hug from us :)

  4. I am grateful for your reminder to focus on the positive! Give Luke and hug and kiss from Nans.

  5. So true, Jesse. I have found myself complaining so much about teething about being up with fussy baby all night. We have been through SO much worse and I am learning to be thankful for the little things, like being at home (as opposed to in the hospital). You are a wonderful mentor to me and I just love your spirit. Lots of love, Lisa

  6. You're always so full of great lessons! Thanks for sharing. Great little reminder that I need to get myself in check too! :)

    Praying for Carla!