Sunday, January 9, 2011

Roooaaaarrr! You are FOUR!


How is it possible that in four short years you have woven yourself into our hearts so intricately and changed our hearts so immensely? Your fight through adversity has taught us about the Lord's strength within us. Your enthusiasm for life has caused us to laugh more and see the joy in the small and simple. Walking with you through the hard stuff — three surgeries, two heart catheterizations, 70 nights in the hospital, NG tubes, countless appointments — has been a privilege. Walking with you through the good stuff — first steps, first words, discharge days, family prayers, wrestling matches, morning snuggles — we count as miraculous.

Your fourth year was a big one. You gave up your mimi's (pacifiers) in July. You started preschool in September. You had an angioplasty at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in June. Your sense of humor started to really blossom. You had your first babysitter that wasn't related to you. You jumped to size 8 shoes, size 3T pants and size 4T shirts. You were potty-trained and you moved to a big boy bed. Your opinion became even stronger and no amount of persuasion can convince you otherwise when you've made up your mind. You discovered peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks and played even more often with your best buddy, Marcus. You put hours, and I mean hours, on your Fisher Price jeep. For the most part, you are completely nap-free and have learned to play independently for extended periods of time. You passed the 30 pound mark and are currently creeping up on 33 pounds.

Four years ago today, you were in the Tacoma General NICU, waiting for your PDA to close so we would have a better idea when your first open heart surgery would be. Today, you are blowing out candles on your dinosaur cake, playing with your new train set sporting your new Lightning McQueen light-up shoes. You have no planned surgeries in the next year or two and you have a baby sister on the way. One who you've most recently dubbed Slappy Hammer.

You amaze us. We love you more than you could ever know, only out-loved by God Himself.

Happy Birthday, sweet Luke.


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    Love Tiernan.

    We are so lucky to know such a big amazing 4 year old! We love you Luke!
    The Flynns

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Much love to you!

  3. A party just isn't a party without Luke. How much fun is he!

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday, Luke! What a wonderful year you've had and we look forward to reading about all your new adventures this year!
    Heart hugs,
    The Owens Family - Bill, Pam, Rebecca, and Heart Buddy Zach

  5. Happy Birthday Buddy! What beautiful words your mom shared about are such a lucky boy to have the parents you do. We look forward to hearing all that four brings your way! Lots of love and hugs!
    The Allred's

  6. Awwww, happy birthday, you amazing boy! We are so privileged to know you!

    I love your words (as always), Jesse. Pics, too!! Fun!