Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who knew?

Luke's first dentist appointment was scheduled for today at 10:30. I was keeping my fingers crossed we'd get him through a cleaning, but at the least I wanted our dentist to get a good look at his pearly-whites. With his reflux history and his sugar-flavored medications, I have always worried a bit about his baby teeth.

When we got there, the hygienist asked me if Luke needed any antibiotics prior to a cleaning. "To a cleaning? No, I don't think so." I consider myself to be pretty CHD-savvy and had remembered Dr. S. saying Luke most likely wouldn't need antibiotics before seeing the dentist. The hygienist pushed a bit (thankfully!) and I told her I could confirm with his cardiologist's office. I called and lo and behold, Luke would need to take antibiotics an hour before a cleaning, but only because he is within six months of his angioplasty. Who knew!? I am thankful our dentist's office was cautious and thankful our cardiologist is so accessible. So Dr. Edlund got a good Luke in Luke's mouth, deemed his teeth to be looking good and said we could schedule a cleaning in the winter, after the six months is up.

He could tell Luke loved on his pacifiers and said his bite will probably improve now that they are all "broken". I was so relieved to hear Luke's teeth are fine, and with this cheesy grin, you can tell he was relieved to get out of having his teeth cleaned (there has to be some perk to having an angioplasty, right?)!


  1. They just let me stop taking antibiotics before any dental procedure in the last year. Kinda nice, it was always a hassle to make sure I got them before my appointment.

    When Web was three, the dentist said we had to lose the binkies, as he had a big enough gap between top and bottom to slip the dentist's pinkie through. He told us it would return to normal if we stopped the pacifiers, so we did, and it did! Yay!

  2. So lucky to have someone like you going before me in all of this! :) Where is your dentist? I think I need to get Tiernan in with them. They seem awfully aware.