Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jamie's Heart

Roger and I were invited to and attended the First Annual Fundraising dinner for an amazing organization called Jamie's Heart Foundation. This foundation was created by her parents in the memory of beautiful Jamie Noel Hannah, who passed away from her congenital heart defect in December of 2006. It's mission is to "... assist families who are battling childhood heart disease. The foundation supports and networks with other community organizations that provide direct family support and services to children diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and their families. Jamie's Heart Foundation directly provides assistance to these families and their children." Assistance comes in the form of monetary as well as emotional support.

We connected with this family through my eye doctor, oddly enough. (But really, God's work and timing is never a coincidence!) Jamie's aunt Jen is a nurse at East Main Vision and I was able to share with her Luke's story and in turn, hear about Jamie's journey with her heart defect. She told me about this foundation her brother was organizing and gave me his email address. Tim and I connected over email and his heart for helping other families, even after the terrible loss of his daughter is incredibly admirable to me.

I often think about the choice we have when we experience such profound loss. Do we allow ourselves to question God and His goodness, dwelling in our anger and bitterness; or do we do as the Hannah's have done and in faith and ongoing grief, work for good? I pray that without hesitation I would choose the latter route.

This organization is now ready to begin helping families and I can't wait to see what God does through it! You can find out more about this amazing ministry by clicking here.

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  1. On behalf of Jamie's Heart Foundation, we are honored to be able to assist Luke and your family. I am also so thankful for your kind words about what we are doing.

    We were so happy Roger and Jesse were able to attend our fundraiser dinner due to the generous donations of supporters to our foundation. This blog site is wonderful and we are so happy to be a small part of your lives.

    God bless,
    Tim Hannah
    Jamie's Heart Foundation