Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lukey update

We took Luke back to the pediatrician's today since he has developed a little cough and after a chest x-ray at Mary Bridge, it looks like he has accumulated some fluid in his right lung. Dr. Stefanelli is hopeful that increasing his Lasix (or diuretic) from one time to three times per day will help push that fluid out. We will go back to Stefanelli's on Friday to get another chest x-ray and see where we're at. If the lung hasn't improved or looks worse, it is most likely Luke would be admitted to treat the fluid with I.V. Lasix, or worst case scenario, a drain tube. We are definitely praying the x-ray looks better on Fri. with this first step!!!

It's interesting, but kids after they have the Glenn (his latest surgery) and then the Fontan (his next surgery), seem to struggle with fluid build-up in their lungs. It has to do with his unique circulation ... no longer is his heart directly pumping blood to his lungs, but the blood basically drains there passively through blood pressure. As I understand it, without the pump action, it is harder for a body to move fluid through the lungs. And of course, heart babies tend to hold on to fluid more than other kids as well.

So, that's the scoop. The good news is that he seems to be feeling much better today, we're back to getting regular smiles and his energy seems to be picking up. His ears also looked really good, so the Amoxicillan is doing the trick with that infection.

Prayer request would be specifically that the oral Lasix would get rid of the fluid in his right lung and he would not need any more aggressive treatment.

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