Friday, February 23, 2007

Tough cookie - 8 days post surgery

Luke wanted you all to see his "war wound". His incision is looking great. The small incision above his belly button is where his chest tube was. You can see he's still on a tiny amount of oxygen and a few monitors. He still also has an I.V. in his foot, although they aren't using that right now. They just like to have it just in case.

This morning's chest x-ray showed a bit more fluid than yesterday, so they have put Luke back on this formula called Portagen. It's basically a non-fat solution, all protein and carbs, which helps reduce any accumulation of fluid from the lymph system. It supposedly tastes horrible and most kids won't take it, but Luke is eating it like a champ.

Please pray that Luke doesn't need another drainage tube put back in (he would if there's not improvement after switching to the portegen). Please also pray that he would come off the oxygen in the next couple days. Rog and I are doing pretty good, we have our ups and downs, but God is so faithful to comfort us and give us strength. As great as it would be to be home, I've come to realize it doesn't really matter where I am because I'm with Luke! I'm sure he's anxious to get home and have the nurses stop bugging him! =)

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